• Testimonial : Nadège stopped smoking after only one FasterEFT session.

stress, phobias, addictions, grief&loss, depression, overweight…

Do these behaviors ruin your life daily ?

 What if you could regain control ?

All these reactions that can sometimes seem uncontrollable are only the result of an unconscious learning done throughout our lives.
But thanks to brain plasticity, proved by science, it is possible to change these behaviors naturally and simply.


What is your goal ?


  • Learn how to manage your stress
  • Sortir d’un état dépressif
  • Regain the joy of life
  • Free yourself from an addiction
  • Have self confidance
  • Eliminate a phobia
  • Return to your ideal weight
  • Overcome a break-up or a loss
  • Restore your inner peace


To reach each of these objectives, I have adapted and durable solutions for you !


Achieve your objectives quickly thanks to FasterEFT, an innovative and powerful technique for stress ans emotions management.


Discover through this website the different approaches I may use and examples of areas in which I can help you.

Je reprends ma vie en main !


IMPORTANT : I’m neither a physician nor a health professional. 
I only help you to return to an emotional balance by giving you tools needed to regain control of your well-being by yourself thanks to your own internal resources.
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